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Memilih Protein yang Betul: Soya vs Kacang Pis vs Whey

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Not sure which protein is right for you? Let us break down the differences between whey, pea and soy protein. Usually proteins are either vegetable or animal source proteins. Whey protein is animal-based, while soy protein and pea protein are derived from vegetables. Many people feel that animal proteins taste better, making them more popular. […]

Berapakah Kuantiti Protein Yang Diperlukan?

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Protein Calculation People with different weights need different protein, and the calculation method is: (Maintain weight: _kg x 1g) For example: 50kg x 1g = 50g, you need to consume 50g of protein per day (Reduce fat: _kg x 1.2g) For example: 80kg x 1.2g = 96g, you need to consume 96g of protein per […]

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