The Benefits of Protein Powder

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Many people don’t really know well about protein powders, it is not only suitable for those who do strength training to increase muscle mass.

In fact, protein powders have many benefits for both women and men.

Protein plays a vital role in our bodies, and getting it right can provide a range of benefits, such as helping to improve body shape, reduce fat mass, improve athletic performance, recover faster from exercise, and more. However, why should women also consume proper amount of protein powder?

1. Improve body shape and help lose fat

In order to lose weight and body fat, our bodies need to be in a negative energy state, which means that the amount of calories consumed needs to be higher than the intake. In this case, when weight is lost due to energy imbalance, the loss of muscle mass can be as high as 25% of the total weight lost.

It plays an important role in a person’s lean body mass, especially skeletal muscle, also in metabolic health, athletic performance, and physical appearance that women care about. When energy is out of balance, maintaining a high protein intake can help maintain lean body mass.

Protein can provide greater satiety than other high-macronutrients (fat and carbohydrates). This means that it takes longer to feel hungry after consume high-protein foods, and drinking protein powder can help resist the temptation of high-calorie foods and can be helpful for weight loss plan.

2. Body recovery

Another benefit of protein powder for women is to help the body recover after exercise.

Drinking protein powder after a workout can help muscles recover faster, and energy resistance training can damage muscle tissue, which can lead muscle soreness.

Supplementing with protein powder after training can reduce the dreaded delayed onset muscle soreness (DOM), prevent you from getting sore for days after training, avoid excruciatingly painful going up and down stairs, and more.

3. Body Performance

In addition to bring benefit to women’s body proportions, protein powders can also help improve physical performance by increasing lean body mass and improving strength.

Because strength plays an important role in athletic performance, a proper daily intake of protein can help maintain and build strength.

Research has shown that protein supplementation can improve strength while following a energy resistance training program. Building strength not only can improve athletic performance, but also provide more overall benefits.

Ensuring that your protein intake is high enough can also improve energy endurance performance. The combination of protein and carbohydrates has been shown to be the best way to restore glycogen levels. Glycogen storage is an important factor in determining energy endurance performance. Studies have shown that during prolonged high-intensity exercise (lasting more than an hour), higher glycogen levels are associated with better body performance.

Therefore, if women want to regain their physical strength in time, using protein powder is helpful to increase the speed at which the body restores glycogen store.

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