7 Days Diet Detox Challenge (Aug 2021)

In real life, many people know that the accumulation of toxins can cause diseases and should be detoxified, but they don’t know what “toxin” is, and where most of the toxins are hidden in the body. Here are our sources of toxins which including:

  1. Eat – Food is contaminated, likes to eat fried, canned food, overnight dishes, etc.
  2. Drinking – water pollution, pigments, preservatives
  3. Breathing – Air Pollution
  4. Diseases – injections and medicines
  5. Emotions – life stress, tension, anger, depression
  6. Bad living habits – smoking, drinking, staying up late, eating too much meat, eat junk food oftenly

The accumulation of toxins not only affects our health, but also causes a burden on the body, including: constipation, bad breath, obesity, frailty, endocrine disorders and irritability, etc., and also affects our quality of life.

Nuewee has launched a brand-new [7-Day Slimming Detox Package], which is mainly based on the concept of simplicity, convenience, delicious taste and rich nutrition, so that consumers can achieve detoxification easily, decrease body fat and increase lean muscle mass, increase basal metabolism rate (BMR), prevent weight-loss rebound, keep the body in good shape, healthy eating and improve quality of life.

【7 Days Slimming Detox Package】is composed of 5 Nuewee functional products, including:
1. Nuewee Organic Green Tea Protein with Stem Cell Gold
2. Nuewee Organic Banana Protein with FOS
3. Nuewee Organic Blackcurrant Protein with Astaxanthin
4. Nuewee Organic Super Green Juice with Sea Buckthorn
5. Nuewee Organic Pea Protein Isolate Plus
*For more information, you may click on each product’s name above.

After purchasing this package, we will also let consumers know the [correct usage and method]. Your daily meal plan and activities are also provided, so you definitely will see the results within 7 days.

After using this package, in 7 days you will feel:
Brighter skin, no constipation, weight loss, more energy, memory improve, more youthful vitality and more.
To find out more about this package, you can contact Nuewee’s Authorized Distributors, Thanks.


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