Nuewee Organic Green Tea Protein with Stem Cell Gold (1kg)


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Nuewee Organic Green Tea Protein with Stem Cell Gold is suitable for:

  • Those who want to lose weight
  • Those who want to serve as meal replacement
  • Dry, dark and aging skin problem
  • Weak in immune system
  • Those who want to reduce fat and cholesterol
  • Those who suffer in inflammation

Nuewee Organic Green Tea Protein with Stem Cell Gold (extract from Seaweed Algae) is a nutritional and healthy beverage that combines soy, a good source of protein and calcium, and green tea, a potent antioxidant.

Our Nuewee Organic Green Tea Protein also contains Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) and polyphenols, which are well known for combating skin aging, and intestinal ailments and lowering the risk of hair fall.

Green tea has long been identified for its overall health and skin benefits. This is because it contains a high concentration of flavonoids—up to 10-30% flavonoids by weight. In addition, Nuewee green tea protein includes various beneficial compounds incorporated into the finished product. For example, Nuewee organic green tea protein contains polyphenols, which are natural compounds with health benefits such as inflammation reduction and cancer prevention. Stem cells from seaweed algae aids in weight loss and cancer fighting. It comes with antioxidant effect and also helps in reducing pain and inflammation.

Nuewee Organic Green Tea Protein with Stem Cell Gold is suitable for:

  • Those who want to lose weight
  • Those who want to serve as meal replacement
  • Dry, dark and aging skin problem
  • Weak in immune system
  • Those who want to reduce fat and cholesterol
  • Those who suffer in inflammation

Ingredients of Nuewee Organic Green Tea Protein with Stem Cell Gold:
Organic Soybean Powder (Dehulled), Isolated Soy Protein, Organic Green Tea Powder, Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), Polyphenols, Stem Cell (Seaweed Algae), Calcium, Vitamin C, L-Arginine and Fructose.

Recommended Serving of Nuewee Organic Green Tea Protein with Stem Cell Gold:
Mix 2 scoops of Nuewee Organic Green Tea Protein with Stem Cell Gold with 200ml cold or warm water. Stir well and serve. Can mix with Nuewee Organic Instant Oat meal as well.

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1. How does NUEWEE Organic Protein works? Who may benefit from consuming NUEWEE Organic Protein

NUEWEE Organic Protein provide high quality protein, contains adequate amounts of all of the essential amino acids in a form your body can use with other dietary protein for growth, maintenance, and repair of tissues.

Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood.

NUEWEE Organic Protein is suitable for adults and growing children as a source of high quality protein that can be used to replace higher fat animal proteins in the diet.


2.  Can I take NUEWEE Organic Protein if I have uric acid?

Elevated uric acid level is mainly caused by purine metabolism disorders, hence you need to control consumption of high purine food. Foods high in purines include meat, fish, seafood, poultry, sweetbreads, kidneys, liver, brains, and vegetables like asparagus, cauliflower, mushrooms, spinach, and dry beans (lentils and peas).

NUEWEE Organic Protein is low in purine level, it is safe to consume 2 scoop per day.

However, for anyone having gout, it is advisable to check with physician before taking NUEWEE Organic Protein.

Uric acid is a normal metabolite, and excessive uric acid causes joint inflammation and leads to gout. People with high uric acid levels may not necessarily suffer from gout, but they are more susceptible to inflammation and gout. In general, most people with gout are mainly caused by excessive intakes of beer, red meat, and seafood.


3. Intake of NUEWEE Organic Protein can gain weight?

Not really, protein is comparatively not easy to turn into fat, while consuming too much fat and carbohydrates will cause weight gain.

The amino acids in the protein may help keep your blood sugar levels stable, so you will not always feel hungry. It may help you if you are on a diet.

Moreover, one serving of NUEWEE Organic Protein gives you less than 90 calories, which is better than getting your protein from a heavy meal, which may contain hundreds of calories.


4. Can diabetics take NUEWEE Organic Protein?

NUEWEE Organic Protein uses froctose as main source of sugar. Fructose is absorbed slower than glucose in small intestines, it does not require insulin, thus having little impact on blood sugar level.

Fructose is mainly found in fruits, even diabetics are suitable to take a glass of NUEWEE Organic Protein per day.


5.  Can consume NUEWEE Organic Protein even we have taken plenty of meat, fish and eggs?

Yes, it all depends on how much protein you want in your diet.

However, the health authorities strongly recommend cutting back on fat, which could mean cutting back on protein foods that also contain plenty of fat, for example, meat and eggs.

NUEWEE Organic Protein is one way of getting high-quality protein with minimum fat and cholesterol.


6Does NUEWEE Organic Protein be recommended for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers?

Yes, soy is a good source of protein, completed with all essential amino acids necessary for human. NUEWEE Organic Protein is nutrient rich and contains a lots of minerals and vitamins.


7. If drinking after caesarean can help repairing of wound and healing?

The wounds of the caesarean are relatively large. The incisional caesarean section operation, the operation is to open the skin, subcutaneous, anterior sheath, muscle layer, peritoneum, and the lower end of the uterus are altogether seven layers. Wound infection, foreign object, compression, traction (affect blood circulation), nutritional deficiencies or low immunity will affect wound healing.

The most important part of the cesarean repair period is to promote wound healing, repair body functions, adjust various organs, contract the pelvic cavity, promote uterine contraction, and restore normal uterine function. This is the most important part of postpartum conditioning.

Caesarean requires more protein, and vitamin C can promote wound healing and reduce the chance of infection. In addition, the stem cells and L-arginine in green tea protein powder can repair wounds, resist inflammation, and reduce inflammation. Catechins also have antibacterial and antiviral effects.


8.  Will NUEWEE Organic Protein cause me to have gas?

Isolated soy protein in NUEWEE Organic Protein are primarily protein, with very little sugar, so they should not cause such a problem.


9. Can kids consume NUEWEE Organic Protein?

NUEWEE Organic Protein is suitable for kids above one years old.

If a child consumes little or no animal products, one serving of NUEWEE Organic Protein is recommended.


10. Is the product certified?

Nuewee products have been in the market for 10 years, and have also obtained the Malaysian Ministry of Health (KKM) certification, Halal, HACCP, GMP, ISO and other certifications. In addition, the products are sold in Aeon and Pharmacy, so it is absolutely safe and reliable.


11. Will I have stomach cramps after drinking?

It will not. Our product is protein powder instead of detoxification. This is because the ingredients on the market that cause stomach cramps are usually with “diarrhoea” effect.


12. Can it really be feeling of fullness?

Protein powder contains low carbohydrates, low calories, and also provides energy, so it will be full. You can also add instant cereals, Chia Seeds, cereals, etc into the protein powder drinks.


13. Do I need to diet?

No diet required. However, if you want to see the effect of weight loss in a short time, we recommend that you avoid eating high-calorie, high-fat, high-sugar foods during this period, and use our products as meal replacements, which can certainly be achieved in a short time the effect you want.


14. Where does the product come from and how long can it be consumed?

NUEWEE Organic Green Tea Protein with Stem Cell Gold is formulated from the United States. One bottle contains 1KG and you can consume it about 40 times if you consume two tablespoons each time.


15. Will the price be expensive?

NUEWEE is famous for its civilian price, 5-star quality and service! You can drink about 40 times per bottle, two tablespoons each time, about RM3.75++ per meal. Each cup can also bring you more than 20++ kinds of benefit.


16. Will I remove edema and fat?

The ingredients of Green Tea, EGCG and Polyphenols can help the body drain away excess water, and green tea can also help reduce the accumulation of fat in the body.


17. I would like to lose weight, body slimming, and reduce my belly. May the product help me?

We recommend that you take NUEWEE Organic Protein Powder as part of your diet. Drink it once in the morning and evening as a meal replacement. It can help you lose 5 kg in just one month, lose excess fat, help to lose weight, reduce belly, and eliminate edema.


18. How to properly consume products to lose weight and replace meals?

【Weight Loss Method】
It is recommended to use Nuewee Organic Green Tea Protein as a meal replacement (breakfast and dinner).

Prepare 200ml warm water + 2 scoop protein powder + 2 scoop instant oatmeal each time, which can be full for four hours. In one month, you can easily lose 2-5 kilograms of weight, which will also help solve the problem of edema and restore your slim body.


19. I have sensitive, rough and dry skin. Can it be improved?

Polyphenols in green tea have a strong antioxidant effect, reduce freckles, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, not only can clean the skin, but also protect the skin from damage. Stem Cell Algae extracted from seaweed can repair damaged skin cells, remove aging skin, whiten skin, moisturize and reduce UV damage. In addition, protein and vitamin C can also improve the skin’s smooth, white and tender skin, of course, it also has a whitening effect.


20. I have stomachache, may I drink it on an empty stomach?

Yes, you may. It is best to drink protein powder before meals to protect the gastric mucosa and reduce stomach pain. It is recommended to use warm water to mix and eat on an empty stomach is easier to digest and absorb, the effect will be better.


21. Does the product have caffeine?

Green tea contains a little natural caffeine (30-50mg). Since our product is not a 100% green tea ingredient, it is just one of the formulas of this product, so there is little caffeine, and it will not cause rapid heartbeat or discomfort.


22. Will it be helpful to solve bad breath?

The cause of bad breath is mainly due to spleen failure caused by unhealthy diet, excessive consumption of spicy foods, and unhealthy lifestyles such as overwork, weakened gastrointestinal function, so that the food cannot be digested normally in the intestine. This causes bad breath. In addition, the accumulation of toxins in the body is also one of the causes of bad breath. We will recommend that you use NUEWEE Super Green Juice to help you detoxify and help you reduce bad breath problems.


23. I still drink other detox and slimming products. May I drink it together with this product?

Yes, you may. Most detoxification and slimming products are not rich in protein and nutrients required by the body. NUEWEE organic protein powder fills up this gap for the lack of nutrition in this regard. We recommend that you treat it as breakfast, as it can be full, and you can use other products after 1 hour.


24. Can vegetarians consume Nuewee Organic Green Tea Protein Powder?

Can. NUEWEE Organic Green Tea Protein Powder is manufactured using only plant-based ingredients.


25. Can people with lactose intolerance consume it?

Yes, they can. Nuewee protein is very suitable for people with lactose intolerance. They lack the enzyme – lactose, which can digest lactose in milk, so they cannot fully digest the lactose after drinking milk or eating dairy products. Lactose is sent to the large intestine, which will be fermented and decomposed by bacteria in the large intestine. The fatty acids and gases in the large intestine cause the large intestine to inhale a large amount of water, which causes nausea, diarrhea, bloating, abdominal cramps and other symptoms.


26. Is protein powder easily absorbed?

The digested and corrected organic acid score of soy protein in NUEWEE products is 1 (PDCAAS=1). That means it provides the highest quality protein, 100% can be completely absorbed by the body.


27. Can I consume it if I have cancer? I have colorectal cancer (already undergoing chemotherapy). I am currently recovering and facing edema. Will it help me improve?

NUEWEE products are food grade and suitable for cancer patients. After colorectal cancer undergoes chemotherapy, it will destroy the function of the large intestine to absorb and regulate water, resulting in imbalanced body water and edema problems. When the protein intake is insufficient, and the body has more water, the water will enter the cell, and the excessive water in the cell forms edema.

However, edema is not a disease, it is just too much water, not too much impact on health. During the rehabilitation period, only enough protein can be added. If the body is difficult to absorb, it is necessary to increase the intake, which is different from the ordinary way of eating. Increasing the intake, at least 3 times a day, for two weeks to observe, it will help reduce edema problems.


28. Can it improve female hormonal disorders?

For every month, women’s dizziness, fever, mood swings, skin deterioration, and weight gain are all caused by hormonal disorders. If there is a hormonal imbalance, you may eat soy protein powder appropriately, which can achieve the effect of regulating endocrine, as well as making the estrogen in the body more peaceful. When the estrogen in the body is too low or too high, you may eat soy protein powder to adjust it.


29. Will drinking too much protein cause protein foam in urine?

Foamy urine is usually caused by water shortage in the body. Foamy urine also happen in normal people especially when the urine is concentrated. This foam is generally single-layered, the amount is not large, and the foam is larger or different in size. And the duration is short, because some organic substances (glucose) and inorganic substances (mineral salts) contained in the urine make the urine surface tension stronger, which is a normal foam. Just like the beer foam you see all the time.

If there is a layer of fine foam floating on the surface of the urine and it does not disperse for a long time, it is likely to be proteinuria, which may be a symptom of kidney problems.


30. Does Nuewee Protein contain any hormones?

The raw materials used by Nuewee are organic food raw materials or natural ingredients, not synthetic or hormone-containing products. So you can use it safely. And we have been in Malaysia for 11 years, and many customers have achieved good results using our products. Even if customers stop using it, there will be no rebound, because our products have no irritation and any chemical ingredients. It is very safe for long-term use.

30 reviews for Nuewee Organic Green Tea Protein with Stem Cell Gold (1kg)

  1. Puiyee Yuuki


  2. Pui Yan

    我是每天早上出门前喝一杯,一天喝两次以上,每次都放2汤匙+200ml 温水 ☺️☺️

  3. Ashlyn Teoh

    Nuewee Organic Green Tea Protein with stem cell is good alternative healthy choice for a busy mom! It taste very good with the green tea fragrance. Also it can be a meal replacement if you want to shed of some weight. Perfect choice for me!

  4. Kexin Tan

    喝了几个月的绿茶蛋白粉,皮肤变亮了也瘦了4kg,味道美味可口。我是每天早上出门前喝一杯,一天喝两次以上,每次都放2汤匙+200ml 温水

  5. Nicole Leong


    我是每天早喝一杯,一天喝两次以上,每次都放2汤匙+200ml 温水。同时我也非常满意客服的服务态度哦!😘😘

  6. Grace Tst

    喝了这个产品接近一年多,几乎每天都在喝,很喜欢绿茶和香蕉口味,是不错的早餐饮品,感谢客服服务很好!! 😀

  7. Minyuan Leang


  8. Yeon Chia



  9. Harry Cheng

    I am currently taking Nuewee Organic Green Tea Protein with stem cell. It is very delicious and taste very good. I drink Nuewee Organic Green Tea Protein with stem cell every morning as my breakfast together with oats. I feel very energetic and a very good start up for my day after drinking Nuewee Organic Green Tea Protein with stem cell.

    I have repeated purchase for many times and will continue to take it! Trusted product and brand!

  10. Red Apple

    不需要在位每天早餐吃什么而烦恼,一杯好喝又营养的Green Tea饮料 解决每天的早餐。喝了一个月 觉得人不再那么沉重 人特别精神

  11. Ice Chin

    我喝了绿茶蛋白粉的一个月后,我发现我的脸颊皮肤方面 有改善,没那么干,记忆补水的感觉!从来没试过喝蛋白粉可以有这样的效果!我是每天早上都当早餐喝!超爱你家的产品!

  12. Lim Ires


  13. Celine

    每天早上都会喝Nuewee Green Tea Protein,节省了我准备早餐的时间😊每次都放3汤匙+250ml 温水,可以帮助耐饱4小时👍👍

  14. Jake Teo

    I like to mix this Nuewee Green Tea protein with its Collagen. I have been drinking this product for around 2 months, I can witness that my skin have become better and I have become more energetic. The taste is good and should definitely give it a try.

  15. Sook Yee

    I mix Pea Protein & Green Tea Protein as meal replacement for dinner which quite full, I don’t really feel hungry at night. The taste is really good !! And I lost 2kg within 2 weeks!! Thanks Nuewee ❤️

  16. Eunice Wong

    自从喝了Green Tea Protein后,跟随我多年的咖啡隐不知不觉被戒掉了,很开心看到这个改变,会继续支持Nuewee!

  17. Sarah Ali

    I consume dlm 1 minggu dn my Boss notice my skin no more merah2 dn parut b’kurang. My back pun until now dh xada ruam panas, gatal2 n merah. I will recommend u all too this Supplement.

  18. Wawa Aieda

    Saya minum supplement dri Nuewee iaitu minuman organik Green Tea protein selama 1 bulan, saya npk perubhn pda kulit tgn lbh lembap dn gebu. Bibir recover dgn cepat dan skrg tak perlu pakai pelembap bibir dah.

  19. Afiqah Ismail

    First time rasa protein yg sedap dan berkesan. 7 hari sya turun 3 kg! xde kesan sampingan, kawal selera mkn sya. tq Nuewee guide sya utk body goal!

  20. Ruby Chong

    我与家人喝Nuewee 禄茶 黑加仑 香蕉 蛋白粉已经三年多了 皮肤好了睡眠也好 便秘也改善了 每天的早餐必须喝的营养蛋白粉 Nuewee 蛋白粉是我们喝最久的营养蛋白粉🩷

  21. Chow Lai Yoke

    我喝了Nuwee Organic Green Tea Protein 改善了我的皮膚。变美白了。谢谢客户小姐的服务真棒。Nuwee Organic Green Tea Protein我很喜欢它的味道,很好喝。我也瘦身了,很开心。它是我的代餐。Recommended product.

  22. Giselle Ying

    我已经喝了Nuewee很多年了,我喝过绿茶,Blackcurrant的,之前脸上是有痘痘的问题,现在已经是光滑了,皮肤也是没有酱干了,可以做代餐很方便!早上喝了就可以出门了,也很耐饱!推荐! 还会继续回购👍🏻

  23. Puisy Wong

    很赞❤️❤️最重要他们的客服都好好 都是温柔小姐姐😍🤭

  24. Xiao Feng


  25. Hong Shuyu

    前一阵子因为想要瘦身就在网上寻找代餐,无意间发现了Nuewee蛋白粉,就抱着尝试的心去试试。喝了他们家的绿茶蛋白粉和super green juice后,除了瘦下来以外,皮肤还改善了很多🥰另外,困扰我很久的便秘问题也跟着改善。所以个人非常推荐👍尤其是绿茶蛋白粉和super green juice的组合❤️

  26. Elysa Cheong

    绿茶口味是我最爱的口味,也很适合加pea protein一起喝,喝了一两个月的确瘦了下来,配上麦片好喝也耐饱。

  27. Iries Yow

    我是朋友介绍我喝Nuewee Organic Green Tea Protein 和 Collagen 过后整个人感觉比较精神也变的美白开始感觉肌肉结实,走起路来也比较快轻松也许是瘦了没再像以前那样笨重走几步就喘�可能以前的我肥吧。

    我每天早上空腹喝很喜欢它的味道很好喝天天喝都不会腻,我以前是不喝绿茶很怕它的味道,可是喝了Nuwee Organic Green Tea Protein却爱上了它。

  28. Emily Tng

    我从4年前就开始饮用Nuewee的Green Tea蛋白粉,很好喝也很耐饱,坚持喝皮肤明显有了改善。我会加入Nuewee collagen一起服用,效果更好,最重要是价钱很亲民,这些就是我一直回购的原因。

  29. Estee Ooi

    喝了nuewee Greentea Protein,黑芝麻,collagen 3年 改善了我的皮肤,脱发,关节疼痛。
    每天早上空腹3汤匙Greentea Protein,黑芝麻1汤匙collagen 2汤匙, 感谢nuewee带给我的美丽和健康

  30. Tan Mei Lee

    我喝了nuewee protein 应该有两年了, 它家的产品我应该都喝过了,可是我最喜欢还是绿茶口味😂 nuewee green tea protein with stem cell 帮助我改善我的皮肤,不会那么干燥。

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