What happens when you consume stem cells? Demystifying one of the most perfect stem cells——Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae (AFA)


AFA Stem Cell has a history of about 3.5 billion years. It is said that this algae only grows in freshwater lakes in wild environments. The bottom of the lake must be rich in minerals and cannot be cultivated artificially. AFA Stem Cell is unique and its high quality comes from its only growing place, Klamath Lake in North America, located in the Oregon (OTCO) Environmental Protection Area. The lake covers an area of 224 square kilometers and is surrounded by a volcanic basin of 6,400 square kilometers.

An astonishing concentration of minerals formed from the massive volcanic ash created by the volcanic eruption 8,000 years ago, with thousands of tons of mineral volcanic ash in the lake. Today, 50,000 tons of mineral-rich volcanic ash are pumped into seventeen small rivers each year, making the lake one of the most nutritious treasures in the world.

Under the nourishment of pure water, the best temperature of 5 to 7 degrees, zero-pollution air, and the most brilliant sunlight and far-infrared rays, the vast and infinite volcanic ash nutrients give birth to the highest-level AFA Stem Cell. Because AFA Stem Cell is basically in a non-polluting primitive natural wild environment, it is organic and non-toxic. Scientists at the University of California, Irvine call it “superfoods that help achieve and maintain good health.” NASA has therefore designated the AFA Stem Cell as “space food“.

AFA Stem Cell has a balanced proportion, similar to the human body, primitive genes, and is at the beginning of the food chain. It contains strong vitality and can be quickly absorbed by the human body. There is no need for excessive decomposition by the human body.

AFA Stem Cell has 105 kinds of nutrients, and its content of protein accounts for more than 60%, which is much higher than that of other foods. In addition, AFA Stem Cell contains 37 kinds of minerals, 14 kinds of vitamins, 20 kinds of amino acids, dietary fiber, the highest content of chlorophyll, carbohydrates, lipids, trace fatty acid groups, choline, phycocyanin, brain neurotransmitter phenethylamine.

AFA Stem Cell’s essential amino acid component molecules are small in structure and light in weight, so that almost all the proteins of the algae can be absorbed by the human body, and the absorption rate is more than 95%, which is much higher than that of other algae. AFA Stem Cell’s pH value is 7.1 to 7.4, which is basically the same as the pH value of human blood, and the concentration of salt is also the same.

It was designated by the United Nations Food Systems Summit as “the most ideal food for human beings“; the World Health Organization called it “the best health care product for human beings in the 21st century


The reasons AFA Stem Cell known as Super Food:

  1. Mobilin: Enhance the production of stem cell from bone marrow
  2. Polysaccharide: Aids in the function of stem cells
  3. Phenylethlamine: Increase Energy
  4. Phycocyanin: Natural antioxidant and anti-inflammation

AFA Stem Cell’s walls are very thin and easily absorbed. AFA Stem Cell is rich in enzymes.
• 5 times more calcium than milk
• 50 times more iron than spinach
• 3 times more protein than meat, fish and poultry
• 2 times more carotene than carrot
• Contains Vitamin B12 which is hard to find from other plants.

The benefit of AFA Stem Cell:

  • Helps activate the proliferation of adult stem cells
  • Protect neurons
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Reduce the risk of stroke and damages caused by stroke
  • Increase stem cell proliferation
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increase neurogenesis
  • Strengthen weaken heart
  • Repair aging and vascular lesions
  • Cell regeneration which prevent arteries hardening, improve blood viscosity and lower blood lipids

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