Benefits of Tiger Milk Mushroom

The medicinal value of the sclerotium that is typically hidden underground makes it a scarce and highly valuable resource. Here are some of the numerous health benefits of tiger milk mushroom:

1. Enhance Immunity System

Tiger milk mushroom stimulates the production of human immune cells and triggers an immune response to combat infections. It has been proven to boost immune cells, enhance the body’s ability to resist infection, effectively differentiate and eliminate foreign substances.

2. Anti-allergy

Tiger milk mushroom is beneficial for those who are suffering from respiratory allergies (asthma, bad cough) and is beneficial to heavy smokers and people who are exposed to polluted environments. It can also help to relieve joint pain.

3. Lungs and Respiration System

With strong anti-inflammatory properties, the mushroom has been found to be able to improve overall lung health by reducing the presence of cells that cause inflammation in the lungs and airways.

4. Rich in Antioxidant

High in antioxidants, cell damage is prevented as antioxidants help remove harmful free radicals from our body – allowing for stronger overall immunity and health.

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