6 Secrets of Protein

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Protein is the most important component in organising human cells, the main reason for consuming protein is to build muscle, even our hair, skin, nails and organs are built up by muscles.

Protein makes up one-fifth of body weight, made from a combination of 20 different amino acids, we can’t live without protein. Many of us are trying to lose weight, gain muscle or maintain weight opt to consume protein so that we are able to build muscle to burn fats.

However, is protein that generally sold on the market or consume animal protein safe enough for us? Is there any cholesterol after consuming it? Let’s find out the 6 secrets of protein!

Secret 1: There are 2 types of protein.

Protein is categorised as plant protein and animal protein. Generally, the protein sold in gyms or pharmacies is animal protein. After consuming it with plenty of exercise, you can plump up your muscle in a short while.

Yet, your body size will decrease promptly and worst case is you will look haggard if you stop ingesting it. In addition, over ingesting animal protein will increase visceral fat and higher calories. Risks of high visceral fat are high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high glucose level.

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Secret 2: Is it healthy to eat eggs or chicken breast daily?

First of all, we have to be clear that nowadays people manage to eat chicken, fish and pork every meal due to their economic condition getting better. Meats are added with hormones in order to fulfil the demand on the market.

Some suppliers add antibiotics in animal-derived food to ensure that it’s safe and won’t affect their earning. Indirectly, we will eat those harmful chemical ingredients if we eat the meat. Kindly suggest old folks or those who have high cholesterol to consume plant protein.

While we recommend you to eat hard boiled eggs other than fried eggs as the cooking methods are different. It’s not the eggs themselves that make you have high cholesterol, it’s the method you cook them!

Secret 3: Benefits of Consuming Plant Protein.

For those who don’t want to gain cholesterol, we suggest you to ingest protein from vegetables, beans or mushrooms. For instance, tofu, hericium erinaceus, soy milk water, spinach, cauliflower, edamame, asparagus, tempeh, lentils and so on.

Secret 4: Protein Calculation.

People who have different weight require different amounts of protein per day. The calculation methods are:

(Maintain weight: __kg x 1g), example: 50kg x 1g = 50g, requires 50g of protein daily.

(Lose fat: __kg x 1.2g), example: 80kg x 1.2g = 96g, requires 96g of protein daily.

(Gain weight: __kg x 1.8g), example: 35kg x 1.8g = 63g, requires 63g of protein daily.

Secret 5: Lack of Protein Consequences.

If you are lack of protein, the metabolism will slow down, then the body will start to accumulate fat, the immune system will decline, you will age rapidly, the skin will become loose, wrinkles will appear, the body will start to sag, the skin will become dull, the stomach will sag or the uterus will sag.

To avoid such problems, how much protein do we need daily? Do refer to the calculation provided above.

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Secret 6: Exercise alone does not build muscle.

Many of us think that heavy training can increase muscle mass, which is wrong and even loses the original muscle mass.

Exercise can only make your original muscles stronger. To increase muscle, you must take protein 30 minutes after exercise so that protein can be absorbed and increase muscle.

30 minutes is the golden period, if you don’t take protein, you will lose muscle! It is recommended to supplement eggs or plant protein after exercise!

Nuewee Organic Protein Powder provides high quality protein, it contains various essential amino acids to help grow, maintain and repair tissues. Metabolism can be normal only if the protein is sufficient.

Just like building a house, the main material for bodybuilding is protein.

Nuewee Organic Protein Powder suitable for adults and developing children. As a source of high quality protein, it can be used to replace a higher fat content animal protein in the diet.

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