Why Pea Protein Especially Important to Pregnant Women, Children, Busy People, Middle-Aged and Elderly People?

Pea Protein contains very high-quality high-protein. It is also a very important nutritional element for pregnant women, children, busy people, middle-aged and elderly people!

For pregnant women:
A large amount of protein is needed during pregnancy, which is not only needed by oneself, but also meets the needs of fetal development. Especially in fetal brain development, insufficient protein will lead to infirmity and low intelligence. Protein is very important to the health of pregnant women and children.

For children:
Protein is involved in the manufacture of muscles, bones, blood, skin, and is particularly important in helping the body create new tissues. Protein provides a variety of amino acid nutrients for bone building. If you want your child to grow taller, you need to meet your child’s demand for high-quality protein in a timely manner. Protein deficiency will directly affect brain development. Sufficient high-quality protein supplementation every day is a necessary condition for maintaining the mental development of children.

Busy with work:
In modern society, people often ignore a balanced diet due to work to earn money and do housework, which leads to physical fatigue and imbalance. A 2017 study found that supplementing with protein, iron, and vitamins can stabilize blood sugar levels and recharge your energy to face your work.

For middle-aged and elderly people:
As we grow older, the body’s resistance decreases, and the ability to absorb nutrients declines and slows down. If there is another operation, it will be even more difficult for the body to recover. Therefore, supplementing protein is the material basis of all life, an important part of body cells, and the main reason for the renewal and repair of human tissues, improving the body’s immunity and reducing illness.

Nuewee Organic Pea Protein Isolate, sugar-free, in addition to 20 grams of high-quality protein per cup, it also supplements 22 kinds of vitamins and minerals, 18 kinds of amino acids, including 9 kinds of essential amino acids for human body.

If you want to maintain a good condition for a long time, NUEWEE organic protein powder is definitely your reliable lifelong companion!

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