1. How much free postage do I buy?

-Customers in West Malaysia get free postage when they buy at least RM160 in single receipt, they need to select the mailing company + shipping fee when checking out the shopping cart. During the final payment, the system will automatically shows free postage. Customers in East Malaysia will need to pay postage according to the weight of the package.

2. Is there a self-pickup service?

-Our company provides self-pickup at the store, you can choose “Self PickUp” when paying, and notify us before you come.

3.  How to use Address Label?

– “Label” is convenient for you to write down your or customer’s information, so that when you place an order next time, you can repeat the previously set information, saving time on retyping the delivery informations.

4. How many days will it take to ship and receive the goods?

-After we receive your order, we will ship the order within 1-2 working days. West Malaysia shipping time is about 2-5 working days, East Malaysia (NinjaVan) is 5-10 working days.

5. How can I check my order details?

– You can go to “My Shipping Order” to check. When the order has not been confirmed, Processing will be displayed.

When the order is processed, you can query for the “Invoice + Consignment Note”.

6. What should I do if I forget my password?

– If you forget your password, you can click Forget Password. After filling in your Email Address, the new password will be automatically sent to your Email inbox.

7. Can each person apply for multiple accounts?

– No, the system only allows one person to have one account. The company will use personal name (full name), ID number, phone number, Email, to confirm the identity. If we find duplicate identities, we will cancel (Suspended) the members who joined later, and only keep the first application.

8. What information do I need to fill in?

– In order to ensure that members’ information is complete, members need to fill in Full name, phone number, IC Number, IC front and back photos, date of birth, full mailing address and bank account to successfully become a member.

9. If I want to change the data later, can I go to the Profile to change it?

-Yes, you can change it in “My Profile” when you want to change your personal details. After making changes, remember to click Save.