Nuewee Collagen Package C


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Nuewee Collagen Package C

  • Purchase 6 Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate (Peptide)
  • Add on RM45 to get 2 Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate & 3 Nuewee Natural Wild Flower Honey (250g) & 3 Wooden Honey Spoon (10cm) (Worth: RM437.70)
  • Enjoy more discount when you order in Nuewee system 【(RM954 – % of each level) + RM45】

Benefits of Nuewee Collagen Package C:

  • Improve skin moisture level
  • Improve elasticity and suppleness of skin
  • Strong and fast growing nails
  • Prevent and reduce the deep wrinkles
  • Thicker and strong hair
  • Reduce the symptom of joint pain
  • Improve and prevent osteoporosis
  • Reduces Allergic Reactions
  • Aids in Digestion
  • Antioxidant Properties


Testimonials (EN)

Testimonials (CN)

6 reviews for Nuewee Collagen Package C

  1. Angela Chan

    我每天把Green Tea Protein 参 Nuewee Pure Collagen 一起喝。皮肤变得光亮,很滑,而且也很耐饱。喝了一个月,瘦了3公斤,而且很方便泡,重点是也很好喝!继续支持!

  2. Patsy

    产品品质很好,很有效。皮肤改善了,比较光滑有弹性。感觉皮肤也变得比较白,雀斑少了。现在每天早上都喝,参Nuewee green tea protein一起喝, 有时参HL 牛奶, 味道不错。会继续支持。

  3. Katherine Tam

    这个Collagen是让我最快看到效果的,才Try了1-2个星期不到,就明显感觉皮肤弹性改善,毛孔也变细,连平时身体变粗粗的地方也开始变滑了。 很推荐 !价钱也很Affordable ,目前本人一天一汤匙,一罐可以喝一个月。

  4. Jess Chan

    我喝了Nuewee Pure Collagen 已经有3个月。感觉很精神,皮肤毛孔也变小了,很容易上妆。指甲也不容易断裂,比较美。产品很棒,有效!继续支持!

  5. Candy Yap

    I figured I’d give Nuewee Pure Collagen a try when I heard that it could benefit thin or brittle hair.

    Initially, the only thing I noticed was that my nails were growing quickly and were slightly stronger. About two or three months after I first started taking Nuewee Pure Collagen, I realized my hair was suddenly longer and thicker than ever before. My hair went from needing a trim one or two times a year to four or six cuts!

    Nuewee Pure Collagen gives me an additional protein boost in almost every recipe I make!

  6. Maggie

    喝了Nuewee Collagen 过后确实很不错,肤色有明显的改变,肌肤提亮了很多, 有一种白里透红的感觉。以前皮肤很容易干和起皮,现在完全不会了,皮肤像喝饱水了一样,推荐!

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