Nuewee Collagen Combo A


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Nuewee Collagen Combo A

  • Purchase 1 Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate (Peptide)
  • FREE 2 Nuewee Sachets (Worth: RM12.00)
  • Enjoy more discount when you order in Nuewee system 【RM159 – % of each level】


Purchase 1 Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate (Peptide) 150g (30 servings)

  • 🎁 FREE Protein Sachets (25g) X 2 (Worth RM12)
  • Original Price: RM171
  • Enjoy more discount when you order in Nuewee system 【(RM159 – % of each level) 】
  • Shipping Fee (W.M): FREE SHIPPING For Order Above RM160
  • Shipping Fee (E.M) : RM12
  • Shipping Fee (Singapore) : RM15


Nuewee Luxury Jewelry Box (Limited Edition)
Product Features:
Composed of PU leather, velvet and zipper. The soft velvet cloth can be protect the jewellery ring and watches in good condition and zipped  design are excellent for storage with safety.

Practical Compartment:
The flip-top compartment with J-hanger & pocket for hold necklaces in properly with prevent knots. The lower compartment can be hold rings, earrings, small cosmetics etc., which can be well fixed and will not cause entanglement. The removable divider design allows you to easily place your suitable jewelry and watches.

Lightweight and portable design:
It occupies a small space in the handbag when traveling or shopping, and it is light in weight and easy to carry.

Product Material:
– PU Leather + Velvet & Zipper
– Dimension (cm):10(L) x 10(W) x 5(H)
– Color : Pearl White, Sweet Pink, Ocean Blue


Benefits of Nuewee Collagen Package A:

  • Improve skin moisture level
  • Improve elasticity and suppleness of skin
  • Strong and fast growing nails
  • Prevent and reduce the deep wrinkles
  • Thicker and strong hair
  • Reduce the symptom of joint pain
  • Improve and prevent osteoporosis
  • Reduces Allergic Reactions
  • Aids in Digestion
  • Antioxidant Properties

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Testimonials (CN)

12 reviews for Nuewee Collagen Combo A

  1. Phoon Foo Mei

    我喝了Nuewee蛋白粉和collagen两个星期后,发现皮肤情况改善了, 皮肤变得更紧致了。 我是每天早上空腹喝,每次放4汤匙(2汤匙绿茶+2汤匙黑加仑+1汤匙collagen) ,下午就每次2汤匙黑加仑。蛋白粉的味道很好喝,会一直继续喝下去。

  2. Foo Mei

    我喝了Nuewee蛋白粉和collagen两个星期后,发现皮肤情况改善了, 皮肤变得更紧致了。

  3. SG Kung



  4. Jev Yeoh

    我是Jev Yeoh, 今年43岁,是一名房地产经理🏡。因为经常奔跑在房地产建筑工作(上下楼梯)及见客户,导致脚的韧带受损,膝盖🦵也经常感觉疼痛,让我非常苦不堪言!😫😫

    在偶然的机会下,我接触到Nuewee 的Pure Collagen Hydrolysate保健产品,就决定试一试。😊

    我每天吃2汤匙的Collagen 粉,在短短的3个月里,我发现到我的脚的韧带逐渐恢复,膝盖也没有再发出咔咔💢💢的声音,也没有再疼痛,走路也比较快了。🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

    此外,我发现我的皮肤也没有像之前那么干燥,比较有光泽和弹性。我对Nuewee Pure Collagen Hydrolysate 非常有信心,也强烈推荐给有膝盖疼痛的人。谢谢Nuewee 改善了我的膝盖健康。😄

  5. Cass Lim

    服用了Nuewee Pure Collagen,大概1-2个星期后我很明显感觉到的是这个有帮助弹性,然后毛孔变小,连平时身体粗粗的地方也变滑了。


  6. Linda Wong

    I have been taking collagen regularly for about a 6 months now and feel revitalized!

    Before I started taking collagen, my doctor told me I’d need a knee replacement in six months. I proved him wrong with the help of collagen! My knee is pain free and even though I’m 68, I no longer wake up with aches and pains.

  7. Candy Yap

    I figured I’d give Nuewee Pure Collagen a try when I heard that it could benefit thin or brittle hair.

    Initially, the only thing I noticed was that my nails were growing quickly and were slightly stronger. About two or three months after I first started taking Nuewee Pure Collagen, I realized my hair was suddenly longer and thicker than ever before. My hair went from needing a trim one or two times a year to four or six cuts!

    Nuewee Pure Collagen gives me an additional protein boost in almost every recipe I make!

  8. Jess Chan

    我喝了Nuewee Pure Collagen 已经有3个月。感觉很精神,皮肤毛孔也变小了,很容易上妆。指甲也不容易断裂,比较美。产品很棒,有效!继续支持!

  9. Katherine Tam

    这个Collagen是让我最快看到效果的,才Try了1-2个星期不到,就明显感觉皮肤弹性改善,毛孔也变细,连平时身体变粗粗的地方也开始变滑了。 很推荐 !价钱也很Affordable ,目前本人一天一汤匙,一罐可以喝一个月。

  10. Patsy

    产品品质很好,很有效。皮肤改善了,比较光滑有弹性。感觉皮肤也变得比较白,雀斑少了。现在每天早上都喝,参Nuewee green tea protein一起喝, 有时参HL 牛奶, 味道不错。会继续支持。

  11. Angela Chan

    我每天把Green Tea Protein 参 Nuewee Pure Collagen 一起喝。皮肤变得光亮,很滑,而且也很耐饱。喝了一个月,瘦了3公斤,而且很方便泡,重点是也很好喝!继续支持!

  12. Maggie

    喝了Nuewee Collagen 过后确实很不错,肤色有明显的改变,肌肤提亮了很多, 有一种白里透红的感觉。以前皮肤很容易干和起皮,现在完全不会了,皮肤像喝饱水了一样,推荐!

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